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My Own Beauty Line | Learn How to Create & Sell Your Own Skin Care Products

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Are you looking to start your own hair care, skin care, beard kit, edge control, nail polish, weave, makeup or lip gloss brand?

Many people want to start their own cosmetic line but don't know where to start & finish. My Own Beauty Line is the perfect way for you to get all the information you need while building your brand.

My Name is Ashley J & I own Curlay LLC. So many people have asked me how to get started making their own brands & I would love to help.

Here is what I am offering. eBook +Video

  • Helping you choose between making or private labeling your product
  • A list of 20 Quality Manufacturers
  • Ordering samples
  • Where to get your product bottles
  • How to get your logos made
  • How to get your Labels made
  • What to tell your Graphic Designer
  • How to figure out what size Labels you need
  • How to get your labels printed & find water & oil resistant paper
  • How to market on Instagram
  • What to post on Instagram
  • Creating a theme on Instagram
  • Color psychology
  • How to sell a lifestyle in order to Sale a Product
  • How to create a Target Audience
  • Instagram shout-outs
  • LLC & EIN info
  • Tips to help you stay in business